Dr Joel, physical therapist

Dr. Joel VanSlyke, Physical Therapist.

Dr. Joel is the lead physical therapist and owner of Choice Physical Therapy, PLLC, in Corning, NY. He is a board certified geriatric clinical specialist (GCS) with specialized knowledge pertaining to how our bodies age.  This includes diagnosis and treatment of arthritis, back pain, balance and safety issues, and general strength, endurance and mobility.
He has also devoted additional study to his interest areas of lower extremity function (hip, knee, ankle, foot) for sport and running, as well as use of myofascial release techniques to address more complex and chronic pain conditions. In his 20 years practicing as a physical therapist, Dr. Joel has worked with all ages (0 to 107!) in many settings, including schools and preschools, home care, hospitals, nursing homes, sub acute rehab facilities, and private practice.
Personally, Dr Joel spends as much time as he can with his two children and learning the joys of raising teenagers. His personal hobbies include volleyball, skiing, hiking, casual running and bike riding, kayakking, or virtually anything outdoors. He also plays trumpet and has a deep appreciation for music and musicians. These expereinces have helped him appreciate the unique issues that face his patients who are athletes, as well those who are musicians! 
Dr. Joel also happens to enjoy public speaking as a means of sharing the knowledge he has acquired and always hopes to learn more!